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About Us

The Naturally Healthy Children’s Expo is a “work family” of parents, grandparents, and even great grandparents with over 100 years of experience producing and managing face to face events that connect like-minded people sharing common interests and ideals.

We recognize the valuable natural parenting message and the importance of sharing wholesome products and services with a wider audience… and so Naturally Healthy Children’s Expo was born.

The Naturally Healthy Children’s Expo family is:

Monica Eggers. Mom to Brandon (21), Adam (24), and Eric (26) and grandmother to 3 year old Kayla and 2 year old Abigail. Monica is the exhibits and operations/logistics manager for Naturally Healthy Children’s Expo.

Dawn Granata. Mom to 5 year old Michael and 12 year old Richie, who has Angelman’s Syndrome. Dawn helps wherever she is needed in the office.

Francis C. “Bud” Rebedeau. Dad to Susan and Mary Beth; grandpa to Dallas (26) Blair (24) Katie (22) Annie (19) Mary Theresa (17) and Claire (15); and great grandpa to James (4) and Addie (2) Bud is responsible for data systems.

Mary Beth Rebedeau. Mom to Dallas (26) stepmom to Alvaro, and grandma of 4 year old James and 2 year old Addie. Mary Beth is responsible for sponsorship sales and speaker recruitment.

Our extended families – spouses, parents, siblings, in-laws, and friends – provide a strong support network and extra hands when needed. We all look forward to meeting you at the Naturally Healthy Children’s Expos!

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